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How to Kickstart Freelancing from Zero

How to Kickstart Freelancing from Zero

Hey there!

Congratulation, finally you have decided to take an action to start your career as a successful freelancer.

I know you have been hearing a lot of freelancing/freelance work/making money online -from friends, family or extended social circle.


We won’t be speaking too general, we will talk about the actual steps that you should take starting from today…because the more specific you are the easier it would be for you to become a successful freelancer.

First thing first, know what you are good at!!! Now this sounds too cliche but it takes a real deal to understand what you are really good at – by that I mean, it might take you weeks, months, or years! The more take you time, the better you understand your skillset.

Are you really good at your managerial skills, start working as a business manager?

Are you a medical practitioner, start taking online consultations, or providing writing services to the medical-related blogs

Do you love your profession as a teacher? Start your YouTube channel and provide private tuition sessions via zoom, skype to pupil

Again, how would you do that?

Open up Fiverr, Upwork, or freelancer, and create your account as a freelancer! Remember you are going to sell your specific skill, so make sure everything you add here is about you and your specific skill.

Add your work history, skills, experience, and portfolio (a portfolio is evidence of the work/project done)

This will improve the chances of getting a project.

Once you are able to win the first project, you will understand the whole process of working, and delivering the project.

Rinse and repeat the process to have a stable stream of income, onwards.