Today I want to talk about the importance of self flow. So I was sitting with my teacher who is actually my yoga teacher the other day she was speaking about the importance of Self Love. She shared the fact that whatever you do in your life at any stage make sure you are happy because if you’re doing something that really makes you happy and that satisfies your mind your heart your soul and your body that thing is going to help you and benefit you in the long run.

But in case if you’re doing something that to make others happy. Then obviously you will not be really able to enjoy what you do first. And secondly that’s going to drain so much of your energy.

Given the fact that we cannot always do this practically.

So for example if you are in a job. That you really don’t like and which drains your energy. let’s suppose you are sort of in some marketing job you can’t switch the jobs just because of the reason that there are so many things associated with it. You will have to pay your bills. You have to pay the educational expenses of your family. You have to consider all the other aspects like health education. And thus you cannot really switch that job practically because it’s your core need. It’s your need to take care of your family. What you can actually in similar situation is just do what you are doing.

And then start something at a smaller level start something your good at or start something you really love to do at a smaller level. So for example if you have a day job from 9 to 5 then you can start working online. You can provide any sort of services you are interested in maybe you can design some graphics for any clients you can write a sort of content that you love to write. So make sure you started small. Once you are able to get enough return in turn or from your part time task you are doing that you love the most.

You cannot switch your day job just because of the reason that you don’t really want to. You don’t really want anything to drain your energy and you want you really want to do something that you love. So if you are really focusing on doing something that you really love it’s going to help you and benefit you in the long run. Always remember that you come first. Please take care of yourself and do something that can flourish your soul your body your mind because if you’re not going to love yourself then nobody else is going to do it for you.


Please take care of yourself. I’ll be talking about another topic the next day.