This is the summer today I’m going to talk a little a little bit about WILL DROP IN SICK IN FIVE SECOND drool So Mills Rubin is an amazing entrepreneur who says that in order to change your life and in order to change your top better all you need to do is apply the five second truth so it’s like one two three four and five in your all. Which means feat in just a matter of five seconds you can change your heartbeat trends and obviously it will lead you to change your life.

Supplying a five five second rule in everyday life can help you make amazing changes.

I did a play yesterday I was super super burdened with all but all part veteran and I had already occupied my mind but I tried implementing the five second drill and it was like I had this project which was obviously longer enough and I had been keeping it in pending or the last few weeks. It was like amazing and I was very surprised to see how we can actually make changes in our lives how we can actually make life easier when we are ready to apply when we are ready to accept the new things when we are ready to accept the new card by drones when we are ready to change ourselves.

So it all depends upon how hard you need. So it all depends upon how hard you need the changes in your life.

The harder you warn the quicker you will be doing changes in your life.

Apart from these what actually matters a lot in your life is your attitude. Having a positive attitude. Having a yes attitude can help you change your life. We do procrastinate.

We do. We do have negative thinking. We do want to.

Linger behind the old pot restaurant just to make sure they do make decisions quickly. So it would be easier for you to change your life. The earlier you say easier it would be for you to. Cross the.

Limitations you have created in your mind and you will be quickly getting the new results.

Will the new lifestyle and having amazing attitude towards work towards relationship store to your house. It is really important that. It is really important to take into consideration that when you have the a pot bedroom you obviously have been negative heartbroken and then it is going to affect your life indirectly.

So if you read this as sort of an easy miss in your mind and then hard it’s going to affect your whole with minor stages in the game at a minor level in the early stages but obviously the deserts in degradation of your health which can turn into chronic diseases. So please please please make sure that you don’t be all wet or heartbroken because there is a whole lot of abundance on the other side of life. Is a whole lot of positivity on the other side of life.

There’s a whole load of things which could make your life easier on the side of your old bedroom.

If you think this is going to have please make sure to contact you so that we can talk a little bit about Mel Robbins five second tour. We can talk a little bit about positivity so we can talk a little about one. Positive one in my head true so that can help you to enjoy your life. Style. And obviously if you a business this is going to be helpful in your business as well. I’m really looking forward to how a deep conversation. With you.

And I’m really thankful you have been here with me and listening to this podcast at this point.

I hope you have a great day. My.