Hi everyone. Naseema.

Today I’m going to talk to you about holding back in your life and business can actually do your performance and how you can avoid holding big both in your life in business so that you can do whatever you want to achieve. The thing is with the first question I would like to discuss is why do we hold to be truly the main reasons of holding we brought in our lives. And in terms of professional lives is we truly are being afraid of being judged. So when we’re afraid of being judged then we are not able to give 100 percent of our effort in whatever we want to do.

I would like to share our personal experience. I’ve wanted to start my boat broadcast almost two years big. I think it was 2016 and then I was really afraid I was afraid of being judged. I was afraid of being afraid. I was afraid of being not able to deliver the kind of content and the results I wanted to. And then it went before starting a podcast. I had this feeling of failure and they stopped that. So what happened is today because I’m 19 I’m still having the same feeling but I’m actually trying my best to get out of their conflict zone.

I’m trying my best to not hold back at all and I am trying. Do you work?

Every I have to do people because at the end of the day whatever it matters. What whatever actually matters it is how much effort are you going to put today. Please do not focus solely on the future. Please do not focus in terms of what results you’re going to have in the future but you are 100 percent right in the present so that you can actually hold greater reserves in terms of both business and life.

So it happens in your personal lives as well. We held back in order to build our relationships with the people. We held big. We hold a big Julie in terms of talking to people in terms of creating more and more networks among your friends are the mutual friends. So what I would like to suggest is please avoid holding big today so that you can get amazing results tomorrow. I hope this helps. If you would if you want to talk further about how we can actually avoid this pings that we all experience in your in our lives then feel free to contact me.

I would love to chat further. This is for today. Tomorrow I’ll be talking about some another topic and children to take good care of yourself. By.