Hello everyone. This is Naseema.

Today I just decided to talk about a little bit around how it’s truly preoccupying your mind lessons your productivity and actually diminishes the quality of your life. So I had this lot in last night and I was really planning and making several plans to get the things right in upcoming days in the upcoming weeks. And then before we get started 2019. So I knew what I was actually doing was to make a plan like every for every day and doing the things you know. But then I had this done a. So why do I preoccupy my mind. Read More

This is the sumer today I’m going to talk a little a little bit about WILL DROP IN SICK IN FIVE SECOND drool So Mills Rubin is an amazing entrepreneur who says that in order to change your life and in order to change your top better all you need to do is apply the five second truth so it’s like one two three four and five in your all. Which means feat in just a matter of five seconds you can change your heartbeat trends and obviously it will lead you to change your life. Read More

Hi everyone. Naseema.

Today I’m going to talk to you about holding back in your life and business can actually do your performance and how you can avoid holding big both in your life in business so that you can do whatever you want to achieve. The thing is with the first question I would like to discuss is why do we hold to be truly the main reasons of holding we brought in our lives. And in terms of professional lives is we truly are being afraid of being judged. So when we’re afraid of being judged then we are not able to give 100 percent of our effort in whatever we want to do. Read More

Hello everyone I am Naseema.

Today I’m going to talk about how letting it go can help you have more opportunities in your life. We as humans do not actually are are courageous enough or have enough potential to let it go. So for example if you lost your job, if you have lost in your relationship maybe particularly intimate relationship. Or if you have anything I mean project that wasn’t doing well are anything between professional and personal life, what we actually do is we usually focus on the past. Read More

Hi everyone. I am Naseema.

In this broadcast today I’m going to talk about how thinking out of the box can help you get as much is opportunities in your life and business. So the thing is we are actually habitual of thinking inside the box and we do not look at the opportunities which have even knocking at our doors. Why? Because we are always addicted to run by the old thought patterns and we do not see any opportunity at this point even if they are knocking at our doors Read More

Today I want to talk about the importance of self flow. So I was sitting with my teacher who is actually my yoga teacher the other day she was speaking about the importance of Self Love. She shared the fact that whatever you do in your life at any stage make sure you are happy because if you’re doing something that really makes you happy and that satisfies your mind your heart your soul and your body that thing is going to help you and benefit you in the long run.. Read More