Hello everyone. This is Naseema.

Today I just decided to talk about a little bit around how it’s truly preoccupying your mind lessons your productivity and actually diminishes the quality of your life. So I had this lot in last night and I was really planning and making several plans to get the things right in upcoming days in the upcoming weeks. And then before we get started 2019. So I knew what I was actually doing was to make a plan like every for every day and doing the things you know. But then I had this done a. So why do I preoccupy my mind.

Julie why I don’t really get the work done creatively and why I don’t really focus on person instead of making people really difficult for me as a whole.

And this made me to think that yes you can do it right away on this spot in have most productive levels for you for yourself for your team and the organization when you are long.

Practically it has been quite hard for me to get up early in the morning right down face it and to offer my prayers to go for a walk to do the meditation or a little yoga. But I feel that when I switched to more of my mind when I switched the preoccupied part when I stopped thinking about the past you know stopped making plans. And I tried to get rid of the or part pattern. Then I literally had an amazing productivity level.

I’m seriously super excited to see that how can I truly get up in the morning and I am so fresh.

I don’t have any sort of unusual headache which I used to have whenever I get up in the morning but still I finally have a really leave what in my mind. And so literally if you’re going through all this if you are really burdened and if you have a lot to do with pot and had to do things that shouldn’t be in your mind if you are really bleep preplanning unnecessarily if you’re occupied with on pot back rooms please please please it’s my request that you should get rid of it. So I am not planning for today.

I am planning exclusively for the upcoming weeks but I am going to focus on my present right after this podcast. I’m going to try to complete the first urgent task that I have been there which I have been keeping and binding on for over two weeks. So why we shouldn’t do. I mean I remain this powerful our mind is a super amazing instrument but the thing is we are in control of our ports.

We are in control of the old mind but we are in control of what we are going to do and we are in control of doing the things which we shouldn’t do.

So literally if you are listening to these if you are feeling me if you held this experience in the bars please get rid of it just do it right do it no matter what. If you have been really procrastinating creating a piece of content for your business if you are procrastinate in creating a kind of freedom for your business if you are procrastinating for your business to send to start a weekly newspaper for your business please just do it. I mean there is no reason there is nothing which can stop your dreams from me.

I’m speaking from my heart stop using my mind for the thing which does not necessarily use your mind levels thinking to just do it.

Take the day to day and I hope this will be helping you out when you stop making the preplanning which are really necessary. Your body your mind and your soul engages engage stem cells in what you want to do. So start off today a to all this to all this is my. Literally a really unique download that I had last night. I hope this will help you out. Please do not. Please do not hesitate to send me a message or reach out to me.

If you have this kind of experience ever before or if you own it. I still talk about how we could actually increase our productivity as a team. Are we can talk about how we can use this thing to the next level and so there we are we can achieve our goals with the flow.

We do not really need to do the hard work but we need to do the smart work in software. Thank you so much for listening. I’ll be speaking about tomorrow with another topic or maybe another they don’t know you know what I mean to say tell and take good care of yourself.