Hello everyone I am Naseema.

Today I’m going to talk about how letting it go can help you have more opportunities in your life. We as humans do not actually are are courageous enough or have enough potential to let it go.

So for example if you lost your job, if you have lost in your relationship maybe particularly intimate relationship. Or if you have anything I mean project that wasn’t doing well are anything between professional and personal life, what we actually do is we usually focus on the past. We usually focus on what we would have done to save that relationship to save the job disturb the project or to sell anything that has been going. So to be courageous enough to let it cool.

is really really really important to move forward in your life in your relationships and then in your career particularly because when you accept the fact that the relationship job or anything doesn’t serve you, then you have no ability to accept more opportunities in your life. So this way you will be focusing on upcoming events or b currently wins on future opportunities instead of spending your part and draining your energy in something which has happened in the past.

Obviously there is a true fact that’s not going to be done over again. It’s not going to be repeated or again but be courageous enough to accept the fact and accepted the reality.

Once you are able to accept the reality things go smoothly you have satisfied a feeling you are ready to go into anything that’s upcoming. And you have many many opportunities relationships ahead of time so try not to focus on the past and try to be present and then accept whatever comes on your way. Do not hesitate. Do not hold. Do not Devil in the past but in the present and future please. Thanks so much. In the next episode I’ll be talking about something regarding how we can actually focus on person till then taking care of yourself by.